2008 Stephenville Texas UFO Radar Case

Watch radar composite video here: youtube.com

2008 Stephenville Texas UFO Radar Report

Video of radar data during the January 8, 2008, UFO incident in the Stephenville, Texas, area. This video superimposes a map under the radar animation and provides annotations to show witness locations and the unknown tracks on radar.

The radar analysis and information shown is from “Stephenville Lights: A Comprehensive Radar and Witness Report Study” by Glen Schulze and Robert Powell. Please refer to the report for details of the witness reports and analysis:

Radar animation provided by Rob Jeffs and RADARplot as seen here:

Law enforcement witness illustrations courtesy of StephenvilleLights.com.

For more information, visit our Stephenville Lights Information Page:

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Is there a UFO Government Control Group? – New Information


Written by Grant Cameron Friday, 19 July 2013 20:45

In my book “UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants” I spent a lot of time looking at the evidence that backed the idea of an inside control group known as MJ-12. The idea of this MJ-12 group started to appear in the early 1980s, through a researcher known as Bill Moore. Moore had written a book known as the Roswell Incident which sold many copies and was the forerunner of the modern obsession with the Roswell crash.

Days after Moore released the book he was contacted by US intelligence which started to tell him the story of MJ-12, the super-secret group that had been established by President Harry Truman to deal with the extraterrestrial presence on earth. Moore was fed information by both USAF master sergeant Richard Doty and a second person attached to the CIA that Bill Moore gave the code name Falcon. Later 10 more intelligence sources would come forward to provide information to Moore. It is believed that some of these may actually have been ex-CIA directors.

The Moore involvement with the MJ-12 story culminated in a document release made in 1987 by Moore and two other researchers by the names of Jamie Shandera and Stanton Friedman. The document, marked Top Secret Restricted, purported to be a briefing document presented to then President-elect Dwight Eisenhower about the 12-person group of high level scientists and military officials who made up the elite Top Secret MJ-12 committee.

In “UFOs, MJ-12 and Government Informants” I wrote that I believed the document had been a leak of true and false material that had been authorized by present day MJ-12 type group to desensitize the public about how the flying saucer problem had been handled by the White House.

I also wrote that although some of the material in the document did not appear to be correct (like the failure to mention that there was a live alien recovered at Roswell), there were lots of evidence that indicated that this mythical MJ-12 group mentioned in the document had existed. The reason for altering the document was to avoid breaking the law by releasing classified material and to protect the overall UFO program that needed to remain classified. The evidence indicating that there actually was an MJ-12 group included the following items;

  • My co-author T. Scott Crain had come across a woman (USAF NCO) who had been on a 1979 declassification team in Okinawa, Japan. While declassifying documents in a General’s office the team came across a document that she told us may not have been the same document but appeared to contain all the same material. This woman was hassled when we first released the book in 1991



Is there a UFO Government Control Group? – New Information | Presidential UFO.

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Scientists give out-of-this-world preview of UFO symposium

Scientists from across the globe are attending the Mutual UFO Network Symposium this weekend at the JW Marriott Hotel to talk about extraterrestrials and all things unexplained in the cosmos, Friday 19, 2013.

Friday, July 19, 2013 | 4:31 p.m.

In a tiny conference room at the JW Marriott Hotel, about 15 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip, the scientists spoke of extraterrestrials.

Addressing a small pack of journalists from all manner of media, the panel of 10 experts provided a whiff of their forthcoming keynote speeches, scheduled for this weekend’s Mutual UFO Network Symposium, a two-day dive into the unexplained.

“We hope to bridge the gap between science and ufology,” said Jan Harzan, state director of network’s Orange County bureau. “They’re one in the same.”

Ufology is the study of unidentified flying objects. And that’s the subject of this symposium.

It’s there that Don Donderi, a retired psychology professor from McGill University and UFO consultant, will describe the implications of making contact with extraterrestrials. What impact could that contact have on public policy? What about the future of planetary life as we know it?

Donderi built his argument from a few simple statements.

“Some of what people report as UFOs are extraterrestrial vehicles. Some of those extraterrestrial vehicles have crews. And some of those crews catch and release humans to study,” Donderi said. “Propositions one and two, I believe, are established beyond reasonable doubt.”

That last statement, though lacking a wealth of scientific evidence, is supported by numerous anecdotes about abductions and interstellar experiments.

“Finally, I’ll come to what I think we should do about it, which is first to start a public discussion,” Donderi said. “And second: treat UFOs as trespassers.”


Scientists give out-of-this-world preview of UFO symposium – Las Vegas Sun News.

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Contact: are alien-hunting scientists going to trigger a planetary invasion?

Contact: are alien-hunting scientists going to trigger a planetary invasion? | The Verge.

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Syncrhonicity, Close Encounters and the Fear Factor

Syncrhonicity, Close Encounters and the Fear Factor
Trish and Rob MaGregor, authors of Aliens in the Backyard, tell of the strange time-synchronicities that seem to herald their appearance in our lives. This discussion of some of the strangest and most powerful cases of abduction reveal how little we actually know about this enigmatic experiences, which is among the most powerful events that can occur in a person’s life.The MacGregors are also authors of the classic 7 Secrets of Synchronicity, Synchronicity and the Other Side and the Everything Dream Book, among others. Here they reveal some startling new discoveries about the hidden inner structure of the close encounter experience that give new meaning to the word ‘mystery.’

Read their blog at Synchrosecrets.com. Click here.

To get your copy of Aliens in the Backyard, go here.

Subscribers, don’t miss Whitley Strieber and the MacGregors sharing information about what the government knows. There is some startling new information.

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Read the original source: unknowncountry.com

Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland | Syncrhonicity, Close Encounters and the Fear Factor | unknowncountry.

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UfoMystic Returns!


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Robbie Graham on UFOs and Hollywood

Mack White and I recently interviewed author Matthew Alford about his book Reel Power: Hollywood Cinema and American Supremacy (Pluto Press, 2010 / www.plutobooks.com) for our PsiOp Radio show.

Of course we had originally become aware of his writings in articles he co-wrote with his friend Robbie Graham:

Well, besides their upcoming peer-reviewed article (“A History of Government Management of UFO Perceptions Through Film and Television”, 49th Parallel) Robbie has been getting published in online UFO community journals and has his own blog, and – wouldn’t you know it – he’s good friends with Nick Redfern (whose UFOmystic blog post is what reminded me that I needed to promote Robbie’s latest work).

Nick says:

I first met Robbie Graham in the late-1990s, when we both used to attend the regular, monthly meetings of England’s now sadly-defunct Staffordshire UFO Group. Since then, Robbie has become a significant player on the UFO scene, having penned a number of thoughtful articles on the subject.

Robbie has a particular interest in the relationship between the UFO mystery and the world of Hollywood – about which you can find much more at his blog, Silver Screen Saucers. And, he has a new post, titled UFOs and Hollywood: Blurring the Line Between Fact and Fantasy, which you may find intriguing…

And here’s where you can find more about The Robster himself.

UFOMystic » UFOs & Hollywood.

Here is our PsiOp-Radio interview with Matthew Alford:

PsiOp Radio podcast 139 with Guest Matthew Alford on Military Media Manipulation

HQ MP3 Podcast Archive

Matthew Alford (left) & Robbie Graham (right) at the Fortean Times UnConvention

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