NUFOC – National UFO Conference / Center


The domain name www.NUFOC.net was the original website for the 38th annual National UFO Conference to be organized and hosted by Stephen Miles Lewis.The website went online some time in late 2000 / early 2001. The first Archive.org records it online is around March 2001.

Archives of the NUFOC event can be found here:



Due to the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 (aka 911 and 9/11) the conference was canceled. The shutdown of domestic air-traffic prevented the travel of the 23+ speakers.

An interim mini-conference was held elsewhere and shortly thereafter NUFOC was “re-acronymed” as the National UFO Center.

The renaming has various levels of significance in the wake of September 11th, 2001. We have attempted to explore some of those significances within this website and others including:

We realize that the association of UFOs with 911 Skepticism / 911 Anomaly research (aka 911 Conspiracy / 911 Truth) is “embarrassing” for both UFO researchers and ParaPolitical conspiracy theorists alike. But for us, these events are inter-twined and the anomalous coincidences that surround them both are fascinating and frightening in their multifaceted ramifications.

– SMiles Lewis


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