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Out of the closet on UFOs by Richard Thieme

Let me put it to you straight. For 35 years, I have been exploring and investigating UFOs and UFOlogy (both the serious endeavor and the silly speculative fare that fills popular culture) and…well, UFOs are real: They fly, they evince … Continue reading

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Joe Nickell’s Alien-Timeline

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Contact: are alien-hunting scientists going to trigger a planetary invasion?

SharIf you could talk to extraterrestrials, what would you tell them? Start mulling over that question, because you’ll soon be able to send your very own message into space; a new initiative called Lone Signal promises to be the first … Continue reading

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Where Would Space Aliens Come From?

Excerpt from “Where Would Space Aliens Come From?” If someone who claimed to be in contact with space aliens could give us just a few simple numbers they’d unequivocally prove their case to skeptics. Simply send me (1) the celestial … Continue reading

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Austin Daze Volume #2, Issue #12 – September 2001

  FLASHBACK: In early 2001 I was actively promoting the then upcoming 38th Annual National UFO Conference that I was Hosting and Organizing for a 3 day / 3 night ParaUfological Extravaganza here in Austin at the Original Alamo Drafthouse … Continue reading

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