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Increased UFO sightings discussed at Dream Big event

Increased UFO sightings discussed at Dream Big event By Marie LeBlanc on March 13, 2014 Astronomer and UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski presented the facts on UFOs. For those seeking answers from the universe, they left with answers … and many … Continue reading

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Feschino Reveals New Illustration of the 1952 “Strange Creek Monster” of Braxton County

The above is not the new illustration – check out the original link for a wide variety of Feschino’s illustrations of the Flatwoods / Strange Creek / Frametown Monster(s). When Mrs. May and the boys encountered the “Flatwoods Monster” on … Continue reading

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Watch radar composite video here: 2008 Stephenville Texas UFO Radar Report Video of radar data during the January 8, 2008, UFO incident in the Stephenville, Texas, area. This video superimposes a map under the radar animation and provides annotations … Continue reading

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Malmstrom UFO / Nuke Encounters in the book ‘Faded Giant’

Robert Salas co-authored Faded Giant: The 1967 Missile/UFO Incidents with James Klotz. In this UFO Chronicles article Mr. Salas describes  how Klotz’s Freedom of Information Act request led to Salas’ own reports of UFO interference with nuclear missiles at Malmstrom … Continue reading

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USA Struck by Wave of Orange Fireball Spheres?

On the heels of release of the phenomenal NARCAP (National Aviation Reporting Center  on Anomalous Phenomena) Sphere Report back in April (Spherical UAP and Aviation Safety) we get these two reports dealing with an apparent rise in specific types of … Continue reading

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