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Mirage Men by Mark Pilkington

Three great new articles related to Mark Pilkington’s new book, MIRAGE MEN: Weapons of Mass Deception Washington, 1952: How the CIA created the flying saucer craze By Mark Pilkington ARE UFOs JUST A CIA CON-TRICK? MIRAGE MEN BY MARK … Continue reading

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Mutual UFO Network Denver symposium round-up

Hat tip to Roger Marsh: Video: Mutual UFO Network Denver symposium round-up.

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Gary Bekkum on America's UFO Spy Game

Check out the latest article from Gary Bekkum: Beyond TOP SECRET: America’s UFO Spy Game Gary S. Bekkum /July 22, 2010 ( — Imagine this: your day job requires clandestine interaction with ordinary US citizens who have reported experiences of … Continue reading

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A.J. Gevaerd Reports on Another Brazilian Military Revelation of UFO Investigation and Observation

Another Brazilian Military Reveals UFO Investigation and Observation [This is an article by A.J. Gevaerd, translated by Marcos Malvezzi.] Commander of an Army installation in the Brazilian Pantanal area determined the official  investigation of spherical nocturnal objects reported to have burned … Continue reading

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Poltergeists and the UFO / Alien connection by Pat Regan

Poltergeists and the UFO/Alien connection. By Pat Regan of Supernatural UFO dot com. What the so-called ‘Experts’ don’t tell you! The most primitive known accounts of poltergeists appear date back to the ancient Romans; although I would bet older reports … Continue reading

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Anthony Bragalia says Maury Island UFO No Longer a Mystery

MAURY ISLAND NO LONGER A MYSTERY: A UFO HOAX EXPOSED! by Anthony Bragalia After six decades the truth has emerged about the infamous Maury Island UFO incident of 1947. It was a hoax. It finds its roots in fiction and … Continue reading

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Where Would Space Aliens Come From?

Excerpt from “Where Would Space Aliens Come From?” If someone who claimed to be in contact with space aliens could give us just a few simple numbers they’d unequivocally prove their case to skeptics. Simply send me (1) the celestial … Continue reading

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